Cabinet refacing


What is cabinet refacing?

If your remodel budget is too small to do everything you'd like, save money and time by Refacing your original cabinets with Jemson Renovations and Design!

When you reface your cabinets, the old cabinet doors go away. You get new doors and drawer headers with limited lifetime warranty quality. You also get fine veneers finished to match, which are applied directly to the face frames of your cabinets. In other words, refacing gives anything external a fresh new face. Refacing also offers matching end panels, appliance faces, and more.

With Jemson Renovations and Design's Refacing, you can add completely new cabinets and accents to your design. Add a new island or peninsula. Add a range hood. Or even take out a wall and extend the kitchen design.

Kitchen cabinet refacing - before!
Kitchen cabinet refacing - after!

Kitchen Refacing Project – Before & After

Beauty is more than skin deep

Jemson Cabinetry’s Refacing lets you improve beyond the face of the cabinetry. You can add new hardwood drawer boxes or roll trays with top-quality glides. Add interior accessories. Or even continue your creation into other rooms with a coordinating fireplace surround, entertainment center, or custom Murphy Wall-Bed. And remember, bathrooms and other cabinetry can be Renewed too.
Jemson Cabinetry’s Refacing service gives you creative freedom with design and adaptation.



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Is refacing right for me and my home?

Yes! Here are some guidelines to follow:

Sturdy cabinets

Cabinet refacing in Ephrata, PA from Jemson Renovations and Design

First of all, your existing cabinetry must be structurally sound. If not, you will give a new face to a shaky or worn-out structure.

Meeting your needs?

Cabinet refacing in Reamstown, PA from Jemson Renovations and Design

Just as crucial as cabinet integrity, does the basic layout of your kitchen meet your needs? Today's trends include an open floor plan. If your kitchen is closed off and you want to open it up, you will likely have to remove a wall or two and add some entirely new cabinets. That means Jemson Renovations and Design's highly-flexible renovation approach uniquely suits your project.

Is it practical?

Cabinet refacing in Stevens, PA from Jemson Renovations and Design

There are also practical factors to consider. A refacing project can often be completed much quicker than a full remodel, with less disruption to your life. If that's important to you, refacing is a great choice.

If you've recently done other upgrades to the kitchen, like new countertops or flooring, refacing lets you retain them. And if you're hoping to sell your home soon, Renew gives a kitchen or bath an updated look at a lower total project cost that does not bite off too much precious equity.

However, a remodel can be a big, complicated job. If you're going to "DIY" or work with a "big-box" home center, all the stress and hidden pitfalls are yours and yours alone. (And that's especially true if you add new cabinets or accents to the mix.) But when you work with Jemson Cabinetry, a plan is put into action to get everything done with the least disruption to your life.
Cabinet refacing in Ephrata, PA from Jemson Renovations and Design

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