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By Jemson Cabinetry, Jun 1 2017 01:00PM

Not all of us can afford the luxury of a spacious kitchen, and some of us have intentionally chosen to live simply in smaller spaces. Either way, organizing and decorating a tiny kitchen can be difficult to master. Here are ten tips on how to organize the most important room of your house.

1. Add very high shelving above cabinets. Store bulk purchases in wire/wicker baskets on these cabinets, or cooking/baking pans you rarely use.

2. Add floating window shelves for plants, etc.

3. Declutter everything. Only store what you need. Instead of 8 water glasses, keep 2 in your cabinet, and put the rest in storage.

4. Add hooks to shelves. This is perfect for hanging colanders, kitchen shears, ladles, etc.

5. Use a short “over the door” shoe organizer on the inside of your cabinet door under the sink. You can store rubber gloves, extra sponges, and cleaning sprays inside.

6. Install a wall-mounted sink caddy.

7. Install small rods or racks on the side of countertops for extra hanging storage—you can hang small appliances like pizza cutters, handheld graters, tongs, spatulas, etc.

8. Use magnetic containers for spices to free up shelf space—store on your fridge instead.

9. Purchase an over-the-sink rack for paper towels and dishwashing supplies.

10. If your trashcan must be visible, buy a fun one with a pattern or bright color so it looks more like an accent or accessory rather than the place you toss your food scraps.

Jemson Cabinetry will bring you the expertise you need for the kitchen of your dreams—no matter what the size!