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By Jemson Cabinetry, Oct 4 2017 04:15PM

How long does a full kitchen remodel really take? Don’t be turned off by a kitchen remodel because of the assumption that your kitchen will be out of commission for months on end. Most commonly kitchen remodels last up to 1 to 1 ½ months. Now, this is depending the complexity of your remodel. Here is a basic timeline of what you can expect when you go to remodel your kitchen.

Design: 1-3 weeks

The first step to your kitchen remodel is designing the layout of your dreams. From the initial consultation to the final design, the process might take up to a month depending on many factors and your ability to make selections and decisions. This is where our expertise can help in making the design and selection process easy and fast.

Ordering Product: 4-6 Weeks

Every product is different. This step depends entirely on product availability and satisfaction once the material arrives. Once your order is placed, products will begin arriving with cabinetry generally taking 4 weeks from ordering.

Structural Changes: 1-2 Weeks

If your kitchen remodel includes structural changes, this might extend your timeline by a couple of weeks. Removing cabinetry, flooring and prepping for remodel might be done in as little as a day or two.

Rough-in Utilities: 1-3 days

If you are reconfiguring the layout of your kitchen, roughing in utilities for a sink, stove, refrigerator or other appliances might add an extra few days to your remodel timeline

Painting: 1-3 Days

This part of the process is simple. When paint is applied prior to any install, this step should only take a few days.

Cabinet Install: 3-5 Days

Depending on the size of your kitchen the time frame for a kitchen installation varies. Jemson Cabinetry’s installation team completes the process in about 3-5 days.

Countertop: 1-2 Weeks

Once cabinets are installed, your Jemson professional will come out and measure your countertop and create a “template” when required. Once the measurements are taken, your countertop will be fabricated and installed. This typically takes up to 10 days post measurements.

Finishing touches: 1-3 Days

Decorative accents, paint touch-ups and other finishing details most commonly may several days to complete.

After just 4-6 short weeks your kitchen is completely transformed into the room of your dreams. Ready to schedule your kitchen remodel? Contact us today!

By Jemson Cabinetry, Aug 21 2017 03:34PM

For most, a kitchen remodel is an opportunity to update an outdated look with something more fresh and modern. If you want to update your look, but don’t know how, cabinetry is a great place to start.

Frameless European cabinetry is a popular way to give your kitchen a simple, modern look. What makes Framless European cabinetry different? True to its name, the biggest difference is the absence of a frame on the front of the cabinet box. Instead, the cabinet doors are attached directly inside allowing the doors to completely cover the frame, creating a sleek look.

This modern look removes the classic look where you can see the frame between drawer fronts or cabinet doors. Not only does this style introduce a modern look into your kitchen, but it also allows maximum access to the cabinet. Because of this, any drawers are also bigger due to not having a face frame attached to the front.

While frameless cabinetry originated in Europe, it has become mainstream and popular is in the U.S. Interested in giving your kitchen a new modern look? Jemson Cabinetry is here to help! Visit our showroom in Ephrata, PA and see for yourself the possibilities you have with Frameless European cabinetry. Contact us to set up an appointment, or just walk in.

By Jemson Cabinetry, Jun 1 2017 01:00PM

Not all of us can afford the luxury of a spacious kitchen, and some of us have intentionally chosen to live simply in smaller spaces. Either way, organizing and decorating a tiny kitchen can be difficult to master. Here are ten tips on how to organize the most important room of your house.

1. Add very high shelving above cabinets. Store bulk purchases in wire/wicker baskets on these cabinets, or cooking/baking pans you rarely use.

2. Add floating window shelves for plants, etc.

3. Declutter everything. Only store what you need. Instead of 8 water glasses, keep 2 in your cabinet, and put the rest in storage.

4. Add hooks to shelves. This is perfect for hanging colanders, kitchen shears, ladles, etc.

5. Use a short “over the door” shoe organizer on the inside of your cabinet door under the sink. You can store rubber gloves, extra sponges, and cleaning sprays inside.

6. Install a wall-mounted sink caddy.

7. Install small rods or racks on the side of countertops for extra hanging storage—you can hang small appliances like pizza cutters, handheld graters, tongs, spatulas, etc.

8. Use magnetic containers for spices to free up shelf space—store on your fridge instead.

9. Purchase an over-the-sink rack for paper towels and dishwashing supplies.

10. If your trashcan must be visible, buy a fun one with a pattern or bright color so it looks more like an accent or accessory rather than the place you toss your food scraps.

Jemson Cabinetry will bring you the expertise you need for the kitchen of your dreams—no matter what the size!

By Jemson Cabinetry, May 11 2017 01:00PM

The kitchen is known as the heart of the home. There’s something significant about the creation of a meal in the most beloved room of the house that brings family and friends together, truly bonding them. It’s crazy to think that, at one time, the kitchen was the least desirable room to spend one’s time.

Now, we spend thousands of dollars making our kitchen look and feel sleek and organized. Many times, home buyers place the kitchen at the top of their priority list of what they’re looking for. If we don’t feel comfortable in the kitchen, many times we won’t buy the house. Technology has taken the world for a spin when it comes to kitchens. 

However, historically kitchens were not the focus of entertainment when hosting guests. They were dimly lit, dangerously predisposed to causing house fires, and filled with undesirable aromas and other messes. Kitchens were hot; they were uncomfortable to spend time in. Kitchens were built as far away from entertaining areas as possible! Can you imagine?

Jemson Cabinetry is ready to take on your dream kitchen project and to give it a little love. If you’ve been thinking about a makeover, contact Jemson at (717) 733-0540, or you can visit us online.

By Jemson Cabinetry, Apr 27 2017 01:00PM

1. Non-white. The new trend in cabinets is… anything but white. Gray is especially a hot color right now. Combine soft gray cabinetry with bold hardwood finishes for a top-notch look that’s super hot right now.

2. Add hydraulics. New solutions to functionality are in. Hydraulic doors fold up and out of the way, so you don’t have to worry about hitting your head on a swinging cabinet door!

3. Funky fixtures. You don’t need to choose an obnoxious wall color to make an impression. Choose bold statement fixtures instead! From sleek and sexy, to antique and delicate, you can show your personality through draw pulls and handles.

4. Mix materials. When it comes to countertops, why not mix wood with quartz? Wooden countertops (especially butcher block styles) are a hot trend right now, so if you like the look of both, why not mix them?

5. Build your “work triangle.” The three points of your kitchen work triangle are the range, the sink, and the fridge. Customizing your kitchen around this essential tri-station is a must!

Jemson Cabinetry is ready to make your dream kitchen a customized reality! Contact us online for more information on how we can make your dream kitchen a reality.

By Jemson Cabinetry, Apr 20 2017 01:00PM

Every time you make food, you’re frustrated with running back and forth for ingredients, prep tools, with very little counter space. Making food becomes stressful and a not-so-fun experience. The kitchen should be the place where you can throw on some music, pull out your ingredients, and have plenty of space to prepare a gorgeous meal for family or friends. Doesn’t sound like you? It might be time to remodel.

The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) compiled a list of questions for homeowners to ask themselves when considering a remodeling project.

1. Are you satisfied with the amount of space in your kitchen? That includes countertop, cabinet storage, and amount of floor space.

Did you know that small things such as the position of your fridge and the shape of your

counter could actually be taking away from your cooking ease? Remodeling creates more usable workspace, therefore less hair being pulled out from frustration.

2. Do you entertain? Do you usually have a so-called sous chef helping you?

If so, you may want to consider a more open floor plan for your kitchen, especially directing

traffic flow around the main workspace. This creates easy routes for entertaining and

cooking with more than one person in the kitchen. Jemson Cabinetry will help organize the

easiest flow of traffic when it comes to using your kitchen.

Do you have children? Are your appliances outdated?
Making sure your appliances are up-to-date is very important in the safety of your children.

Things like sharp corners on countertops and the overall outdated design of your kitchen can be hazardous to young children. Jemson Cabinetry will take this into account when creating a custom design just for you.

These are just a few of the questions you should consider. If you have said yes to any of these, Jemson Cabinetry can help ease your mind. Contact us today!

By Jemson Cabinetry, Apr 19 2017 07:07PM

For the fourteenth year running, Jemson Cabinetry, Inc. has been named “President’s Club Award” winner by Showplace Wood Products for exceptional cabinetry sales. This award places Jemson among the top Showplace dealers nationwide.

“As a company, we celebrated our best year yet in terms of sales volume in 2016. That continued growth and success is made possible by the hard work and dedication of successful, valued dealer-partners like Jemson Cabinetry, Inc.,” said Showplace President and CEO Paul Sova. “It is my privilege to present this award, on behalf of every Showplace employee-owner, to the talented professionals at Jemson Cabinetry, Inc.,” Sova adds.

Made in America and sold through hundreds of dealers nationwide, Showplace provides many custom cabinetry features for every room of the home, at an affordable price point.

Jemson Cabinetry, Inc. is your destination for quality woodwork paired with a highly dedicated team with over 100 years of combined experience in cabinet design and installation. We are delighted to accept this prestigious award from Showplace Wood Products. Thank you for your continued support.

If you are looking to redesign your kitchen or bath, contact Jemson Cabinetry, Inc. for your remodeling needs! Visit us online or give us a call at (717) 733-0540.