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By Jemson Cabinetry, May 11 2017 01:00PM

The kitchen is known as the heart of the home. There’s something significant about the creation of a meal in the most beloved room of the house that brings family and friends together, truly bonding them. It’s crazy to think that, at one time, the kitchen was the least desirable room to spend one’s time.

Now, we spend thousands of dollars making our kitchen look and feel sleek and organized. Many times, home buyers place the kitchen at the top of their priority list of what they’re looking for. If we don’t feel comfortable in the kitchen, many times we won’t buy the house. Technology has taken the world for a spin when it comes to kitchens. 

However, historically kitchens were not the focus of entertainment when hosting guests. They were dimly lit, dangerously predisposed to causing house fires, and filled with undesirable aromas and other messes. Kitchens were hot; they were uncomfortable to spend time in. Kitchens were built as far away from entertaining areas as possible! Can you imagine?

Jemson Cabinetry is ready to take on your dream kitchen project and to give it a little love. If you’ve been thinking about a makeover, contact Jemson at (717) 733-0540, or you can visit us online.