5 Things To Bring To A Kitchen & Bath Showroom

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5 Things To Bring To A Kitchen & Bath Showroom

By Jemson Cabinetry, Dec 5 2018 10:15PM

Jemson Cabinetry has vast experience in helping you choose the right design, materials, cabinets and finishes for your bath and kitchen project.

You may say “What should I bring along to the showroom”. Here is a quick guide to help prepare for a visit and discussions about your project with a Jemson Cabinetry design consultant:

1. Pictures. Bring pictures. Gather them from magazines or from internet sites like Pinterest or Houzz.com. Take some pictures of your project area to use as a visual reference. This will help guide the designer toward proper selections that match styles and tastes.

Collect pictures that include styles, materials, layouts, and anything that helps you to imagine your space.

2. Materials and Finishes. Bring along paint swatches, wood samples, or any items that would help to guide the designer and streamline the selection process.

3. Plans and Drawings. For a new home or addition, remodel or any project that involves plans, make sure you bring them with you. This helps for layout, sizing and spacing for your project.

4. Likes and Dislikes. Bring a list of what you like and what you don’t. From finishes, to cabinets, styles, colors, materials, etc. having a compiled list makes it easier during the selection process.

5. Budget Range. Try to develop a basic budgetary range that you are looking to invest in your project. Your Jemson Cabinetry designer will help to guide you in the right direction to keep your design and project on budget and show you where you can save money.

The Jemson Cabinetry showroom has a wide variety of styles, examples, materials, cabinetry, appliances, countertops, flooring and so much more. By putting together your pictures, finishes, plans, “likes and dislikes” and budget range, your project will be on-track for success when you walk through the showroom door.

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